Enrolling your Child

Parents may place their child's name on a waiting list by visiting the Centre and completing a Waiting List application form.

Families are encouraged to visit and become familiar with the Centre prior to enrolment. Before enrolment all relevant forms and agreements must be completed, signed, dated and witnessed. All information remains confidential and available only to staff for their information and planning purposes.

Fee Structure

The Centre's income is raised directly from the fees charged. Child care services are offered to clients on a "user pays" principal.

Fees must be paid one week in advance at the beginning of the first day of enrolment. The hours that families have nominated as booked hours for care must be adhered to. This enables the Director to staff the Centre according to NT Licencing regulations for staff:child ratios.

The Commonwealth Government has a scheme to help families with the cost of child care. The Commonwealth Child Care Benefit (CCB) is available through Family Assistance Office. Families may choose to take one of two options with applying for the CCB:

  • as a weekly reduction from their fees
  • as a tax deduction at the end of the finacial year

Settling In

This is as individual as your child. A child needs time to settle in, become familar with the staff and the surroundings. Parents are free to remain with their child until it is felt the child will cope with separation.

Sometimes it may be better to leave and return early to share time with your child. Children may experience periods of distress, even after being at the Centre for some time....this is natural! You are always welcome to speak to staff if you are concerned about your child.


The Centre provides morning and afternoon tea, cooked lunch and fruit, and late snack and drinks. Meals are nutritous, well balanced, low in fat, salt and sugar. Meal times are relaxed happy occassions. All children are encouraged to try different foods and develop self-help skills. Children have access to cool water throughout the day.

Every effort will be made to accomodate allergies, special diets and individual needs. Parents must provide bottles and infant formula, ready made up for the day.

Rest Time

All children are encouraged to rest during the day. The length of time a child rests is dependant upon their individual needs. Babies have their own sleep patterns and an air-conditioned nursery is used to facilitate this.

After a short rest, the older children are offered quiet activities. No child is made to sleep.

As a Parent...

We encourage all parents to become actively involved as this is a Community based Centre.

Parents, through the Management Committee are responsible for the following in consultation with the Centre Director:
  • managing the service
  • developing policies
  • decision making
Other areas parents involvement is encourage includes:
  • joining the Management Committee
  • attending special functions
  • program and fund raising ventures
Parents are encouraged to bring their views to the meetings or approach the Director. Our AGM is held in late October. All contributions are valued!

Parents are most welcome at the Centre at all times!

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