Program Aims

  • To provide a homelike atmosphere within a caring and stimulating environment.
  • To provide sufficient time, space and materials for each child to explore, experiment and experience success.
  • To develop the "whole child", this includes social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills.
  • For children to become self-confident, self disciplined and independant.
  • To encourage sharing, respect and co-operation through appropriate role modeling.
The Importance of Play
Play is a child's work and play has no barriers. It is through play that children learn about themselves and the world in which they live.

Daily Activities
Daily activities include -
painting movement stories music
drawing construction collage puzzles
cooking nature drama science
sandpit obstacle course water bikes
literacy numeracy

Aims & Objectives of the Centre

  • To provide quality childcare through the provision of a program designed to develop, encourage and extend the physical, social, intellectual and emotional aspects of a child.
  • To recognise that each child is an individual and encouraged to develop a positive self-image, autonomy, concern for others and social skills in an atmosphere of warmth, respect and support.
  • To recognise, support and promote cultural, religious and ethnic differences, while respecting the special relationship between children and their families through the implementation of a sensitive program and the day to day running of the Centre.
  • To provide families with support through information about services in the wider community that may not be available at the Centre.
  • To provide children with the time, space and appropriate materials to explore, experiment and experience success through play as the primary means to learn about themselves and the world in which they live. To provide all children with the opportunity to be involved in literacy and numeracy skills through play based activities.

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