2.5 - 5 years

Meet the Ants

Our Ants area are made up of three groups called the Green Ants, Bull Ants and Fire Ants. These three groups share the inside space and our massive outside space. Our inside play area provides children with a variety of play stations for the children to play in, including home corner area and dress up area for imaginative and creative play. We have a construction area for children who love building, we offer musical instruments, light table and much more to keep our busy learners engaged.

The three groups have separate verandah space where they are able to be in smaller groups to carry out planned experiences and activities. We also use this space to enjoy meals and our daily mat sessions.

Our large, very shady outdoor area is a child’s haven, with so much space and different areas to play. We have a tractor tyre sandpit area where children can climb and hide out, we have a beautiful banyan tree that the children can climb, a nice shady boat area, lots of grass area for running and playing games, a hut and lots of climbing equipment. We have several veggie garden areas and a space for chickens.

We have a nice goodbye area with a bench chair for children to say a second goodbye to families, this area helps parents leave in the mornings as the children know they will meet them here for another cuddle and kiss and even a beep of the horn.

Green Ants 2+ years – 3 years

Green Ants are a small group of children aged between 2+ years – 3 years, children in this group are developing many self-help skills and learning to interact with their peers. Children have a variety of learning experiences offered to them such as art and craft, number recognition, colours, learning language through music, reading and communicating with peers. We follow children’s interest and incorporate home interests into their daily learning. We care about children feeling safe, having a sense of belonging and we love to help them become happy little learners.

Bull Ants 2+ years – 3 years

Bull Ants is similar to Green Ants room, they have the same age range of children and share the same facilities. Bull Ants help children grow and develop before they transition to the Fire Ants room where a preschool ready program is introduce. Children are learning many self-help skills in this group such as serving their own meals, toileting, dressing themselves and interacting with others. We offer experiences to help our children grow and develop whilst feeling safe and secure. We care about our children and know they will be confident learners by having trusting and nurturing relationships with us.


Fire Ants 3 years – 5 years

Our Fire Ants room has and early childhood teacher (ECT) in charge, this group is larger than the other rooms with up to 33 children aged 3 years and up. Some of these children attend preschool and the others are getting ready for preschool. We have a play based program that incorporates a preschool ready program. We provide learning experiences that cover the Early Years Learning Framework which come from children’s interests. We offer experiences that involve our community with excursions to the local library, the shops, the op shop, the park. We also have performers and professionals that attend the centre such as music performers, circus entertainers, dentists, Hector the Cat, emergency services and fitness trainer.

There is always heaps of things to do and learn and we hope to fill your child’s day with wonder and excitement.