Early Years Learning Framework

Humpty Doo Community & Child Care Centre Inc follow the EYLF which is the new national early learning framework for children from birth to five years. We believe in the importance of play as babies and young children use play to explore, learn and understand their world as they learn to communicate, discover, imagine and create.

Children use play to demonstrate what they have learnt and what they are trying to understand, play is the foundations of the EYLF and our educators at Humpty Doo Child Care follow the EYLF to ensure children receive a quality and educational program.

The EYLF describes childhood as a time of Belonging, Being and Becoming, our educators ensure relationships are built with children that are secure, trusting and nurturing to promote confidence in children’s development.

Click here for more information on the EYLF.

Participate Meaningfully
In the Learning

Educa is not just for sharing cute pictures, you can share deep learning insights, in real time. Early educators are better when they know your child — their culture,  interests and what they’re telling you at home about the instruction. Your feedback as a parent — as the world expert on your child — is vital.

However, to be truly valuable, you need to understand your teacher’s educational approach, the learning goals and plans behind all the fun activities.


This is where Educa fits in

Your teacher shares observations linked to curriculum goals in Educa, for educational context. Now you are able to provide feedback that is more on-point and valuable. Furthermore, you are better placed to constructively continue the learning at home. Informed feedback and 24/7 learning – authentic family collaboration.

  • Peace of mind, always connected

Find out about events at the center as they happen, not days or weeks later. Updates come right to your phone — stories, images and videos. Check our child’s online portfolio at any time.

  • Contribute your own stories

Add learning or events at home to your child’s portfolio. Or add notes or images of follow-on activities at home as a response to a teacher story.

  • Create a closer parent-teacher connection

The Educa Touch app is private and secure channel that is conducive to candid conversations, real feedback that can help your child’s development.

  • Invite extended family, specialists

Invite grandparents, specialists or next year’s teachers, You can create a community around your child to support their learning in the best ways possible.